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ACP Group welcomes the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Brussels, 14 December 2015/ ACP: The Secretary General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States H.E Dr. Patrick Gomes welcomes the historic outcome of the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21), which accepted a global agreement on climate change on Saturday.

ACP-EU JPA: New global challenges debated by 30th ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly

Brussels, 9 December 2015/ EP: Forty years of ACP-EU cooperation, migration, the post-election situation in Burundi, and COP21 were among the topics discussed by the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly at its 30th session, which closed on Wednesday, in Brussels.

ACP Secretary General makes bold appeal at Paris Climate Change Conference COP21

Paris, 8 December 2015/ ACP: The Secretary General of the ACP Group of States H.E Dr Patrick Gomes called for an international agreement on climate change that is ambitious, legally-binding and inclusive, while highlighting the strategy signed recently between the ACP and the European Union for €475 million to be dedicated to climate change, resilience building and the environment under the Intra-ACP envelope of the 11th European Development Fund up to 2020.

EU and 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries join forces for ambitious global climate deal

Paris, 8 December 2015/ ACP/ EC: As UN climate negotiations enter their final days, the European Union and the group of 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States today stressed their shared commitment for an ambitious and binding global climate deal to be agreed in Paris.

Statement by the Co-President of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly Hon. Fitz Jackson at the 30th session of the JPA, 7 December 2015, Brussels


I thank you for the honour of addressing the Joint Parliamentary Assembly once again. Before I go ahead, I wish to place on record the appreciation of ACP Members, and indeed of the ACP Group for the efforts that the Parliament has taken to ensure that this particular session of the Assembly takes place.

Our meetings come at a difficult time; the ugly pall of terrorism hangs over our countries. The terrorist’s attacks by religious extremists in Paris last month being another manifestation of what has been happening in African for quite some time now, namely the Al-Shabab menace in Somalia and Kenya, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger and al-Qaida affiliates in Mali.

Resolutions, Declarations of the 102nd session of the ACP Council of Ministers

Relevant Decisions, Resolutions and Declarations passed during the 102nd session of the ACP Council of Ministers, 24-25 November 2015 in Brussels, Belgium

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Council meeting boosts momentum on ACP Group future perspectives

Brussels 26 November 2015/ ACP: The ACP Council of Ministers concluded its 102nd session on 25th November 2015 with a renewed commitment to ensuring the success of the upcoming 8th Summit of ACP Heads of State and Government in 2016, which will be a pivotal point for the organisation, as it undergoes a review and reorientation process to position itself as a more effective global player.

ACP Council of Ministers convenes to discuss key development issues

Brussels 20 November 2015/ ACP: The 102nd session of the Council of Ministers of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States convenes next week (23-25 November), bringing together officials from 79 ACP countries to take decisions on key development issues, as well as institutional matters involving the future of the organisation.

Investing in low value minerals and materials for jobs boost in Africa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 13 November 2015/ AU/UNDP/ACP: The African Union Commission (AUC) and the African Minerals Development Centre hosted the launch of a new global initiative - the ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme - to support small-scale miners, public institutions, and communities operating in the low value minerals and materials (LVMM) sector, on 9 November in Addis Ababa.

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