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ACP-EU partnership to be aligned to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Dakar, Senegal, 29 April 2016/ ACP: The Co-Presidents of the ACP-EU Joint Council of Ministers conveyed their full support for a process to bring the world’s longest-standing North-South cooperation framework into line with the globally adopted Sustainable Development Agenda towards 2030.

Following the 41st session of the Joint Council held on the 28th and 29th April in Dakar, Senegal, ministers from member countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific along with counterparts from the European Union agreed to deepen talks on the issue and continue coordination at the technical level, in the run-up to important global meetings this year.

ACP Council ends with bolstered commitment to leaders’ Summit, firm stance on trade

Dakar, Senegal, 28th April 2016/ ACP: African, Caribbean and Pacific Ministers concluded their 103rd session at the King Fahd Palace in Dakar, Senegal yesterday with a renewed determination to ensure the success of the upcoming Summit of Heads of State and Government in Papua New Guinea, as well as an appeal to the European Union for flexibility on free trade deals with the ACP regions.

First joint discussion on ACP-EU relations to shed light on legacy and prospects

Brussels, 22 April 2016/ ACP: Influential thought-leaders and eminent decision-makers from the EU and the ACP countries will convene to discuss the legacy and future prospects of the ACP-EU Partnership.

The longstanding partnership brings together 78 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries and the 28 Member States of the EU under a comprehensive cooperation agreement, covering trade, political dialogue and development cooperation.

Trade, development finance, political issues on agenda for ACP ministers

Brussels, 21 April 2016/ ACP: Ministers representing African, Caribbean and Pacific countries will take key decisions when they gather next week in Dakar, Senegal to address sustainable economic development, trade and political issues in ACP countries.

ACP-EU Joint Council of Ministers convene in Dakar next week

Brussels, 21 April 2016/ ACP: Discussions on the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, follow up on the Paris Climate Change Agreement, and migration will lead the work programme of the ACP-EU Council of Ministers when it convenes for its 41st session in Dakar, Senegal on 28th to 29th April. Other key items on the agenda will include trade issues, development finance and the EU’s global strategy on foreign and security policy.

VIEWPOINT: EU-ACP - A force for South-South & Triangular Cooperation

This op-ed first appeared on on 29 March 2016.

Brussels, 5 April 2016/ ACP: Development cooperation in the 21st century is compelled to move beyond the simplistic paradigm of transferring funds from the developed North to the developing South.

ACP Group welcomes the Constitutional Referendum in Senegal on 20 March 2016

Brussels, 30 March 2016/ ACP: The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States monitored the constitutional referendum held in Senegal on 20 March 2016, with particular interest.
In a poll that all observers deemed well-organised and lawful, the Senegalese people voted in favour of a constitutional reform by referendum. The ACP Group of States welcomed this consultation which was conducted democratically, transparently and peacefully; this was a testament to the fact that Senegal is anchored in democracy.

Statement of the ACP Secretary General on the terrorist attacks in Brussels, 22 March 2016

Brussels, 22 March 2016/ ACP: The Secretary-General of the ACP Group of States, H.E. Dr. Patrick I Gomes, has learnt with deep shock and sadness the terrorist attacks perpetrated in Brussels on 22 March 2016. The Secretary-General condemns these heinous and cowardly acts, and reiterates the ACP Group’s unequivocal condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, and its conviction that acts of terrorism can never be justified on any ground, whether political, racial, or religious.

High level talks target follow-up action on global climate agreement

Brussels, 16 March 2016: Top officials from global and regional agencies will gather in Brussels on 22-23 March, along with representatives from the 79 Member States of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group, to accelerate work towards implementing the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.

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